Re:Thinking Consumption

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New Study Finds Consumers Buying Less and Buying Better

“Re: Thinking Consumption” is a study that shows that consumers are rethinking consumption with sustainability in mind. According to the study, two-thirds of consumers in 6 countries say that we need to consume a lot less to improve the environment for future generations. Consumers also feel a sense of responsibility when they purchase environmentally safe products. The attached article mentions that there are certain barriers that are preventing consumers from purchasing sustainable products such as perceptions of product performance, high prices, skepticism about product claims and lack of knowledge about what actually makes the product environmentally safe. The study shows that companies need to adjust their way of thinking on how a product is being introduced to consumers in order to receive mutual support for a cleaner and greener solution. It is evident that the health of our planet is on everyone’s radar and while we simply cannot stop “consuming”, we certainly can improve the impact these products have on our environment. Consumers have the power of causing a company’s downfall. I think businesses will strive to make their products more environmentally friendly and promote “green” practices as this is what investors and stakeholders will be monitoring.  

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